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Alastair J Steel BSc CEng MIEE
Alastair Steel
An engineer by background, Alastair Steel has spent 16 years in major engineering businesses and the last 5 years driving change management, process redesign and Total Quality Management programmes. Trained as a facilitator, he has a full understanding of modern management techniques while retaining a traditionally pragmatic approach to business. A leader and innovator, he is renowned for rapidly reducing problems to manageable proportions and developing and communicating understandable and practical solutions. His past jobs have included managing the training of senior computer technicians, responsibility for a submarine tactical weapon system from build to operational status, a major country-wide reorganisational study and the merging of a 3 large engineeering organisations. He has recently been involved with developing performance indicators for a new government agency, the specification and development of a vast computer system project and a country-wide research project on business attitudes to information technology.

In addition to his major jobs, he is retained by a number of small business for business advice, has been a museum trustee, has negotiated contracts for professional sportsmen, and sings with a well known semi-professional chamber choir in many countries around the world.

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