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Making Use of your own Knowledge

How can anyone know more about your business than you do ?

In any business, there are people who know more than the boss - within your company you probably have the answer to most of the problems that you currently encounter. Process Improvement is about using the data and knowledge that you have within your own company to improve the way the company works.

Despite the fact that you have all the answers, it can be very difficult to bring them out into the open and use them for the benefit of your business processes. This can be due to the boundaries between departments or functions within your company. A facilitator can help you to harvest information and provide a structured informal system for continually improving the way in which you work.

We want to:

  • Define a review plan for you business processes.
  • Run teamworking workshops to aid joint working and encourage trust.
  • Help you assign responsibility for process improvement to individuals within each process.
  • Pass on facilitating skills to your own change leaders.
  • Show business benefit from your process improvements.
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