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Process Management

Managing processes is all about understanding the required output. Everybody who forms a part of the process should know how they contribute to the end product. This is easier said than done, especially where people have no contact with external customers. It is often the case, however, that a bad job by a junior member of the clerical staff or a simple slip by a maintenance foreman can cause problems with the delivery of a manufactured product even though neither would normally set eyes on one.

In order to ensure that everybody understands the whole process, a documented business process is required. This is a fundamental requirement of any quality system and is invaluable when introducing new members to the team. The precise format of documented processes varies but should always show:

  • Each activity
  • The inputs to each activity
  • The outputs from each activity
  • The controls placed upon each activity
  • The mechanisms by which the activity is achieved
Managing a process can be just as demanding as managing a project as they are often less well defined and do not benefit from the same senior management attention..
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