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Project Management

When starting a project, the director or instigator needs to raise a Project Initiation Document which will provide the necessary information for the Project Manager. This document should contain the following information:
  • The Brief - What have I been told to do?
    • Deliverables
    • Priorities
    • Technical constraints
    • Political constraints
    • Available resources
    • Quality requirements
    • Time constraints
    • Other relevant information
  • The Boundary - What is within the scope of the project and what should be ignored
  • Organisation
    • Who to report to
    • Authority to deal with outside organisations
    • Help that can be expected from other departments
  • The Plan
    • Project milestones
    • Review dates
    • Presentation arrangements
Having obtained this information and authority, it is the project manager's job to formulate the Project Management Plan which will be used to control and monitor the progress of the project. This should include a complete task breakdown with resource allocation, time allocations, interdependance criteria and milestone dates. To produce the plan, the manager will need to involve his project team as he is unlikely to be aware of all the possible difficulties that may arise from tasks in each of the skill areas employed. The requirement for team involvement at this stage is often overlooked and regularly causes delays due to unforeseen difficulties! - USE YOUR TEAM
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