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The services offered by Adelard Steel Limited are designed to help businesses operate in the modern environment

All modern businesses need to be focused, well organised and efficient. Within the last few years, it has become necessary for businesses to embrace technology and to use it well, regardless of their market sector or previous experience. Adelard Steel Limited understands business processes, information technology and the Internet. In particular we can tell the difference between technological advance that can benefit your processes and those that merely reflect corporate fashion.

Our Services include:

  • Business Process Analysis and Design
  • Facilitating Process Improvement Teams
  • Technology and Internet Strategy Development
  • Business Research and Analysis
Additional Services provided through ASWeb.
  • Internet Services including Web Hosting
  • Intranets and Information Management
  • Web Programming and Web Site Design
'The Internet revolution is about business processes.... if you think otherwise, you are probably selling computers.'

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