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We are driven by facts and the honest interpretation of information - what do you want to know ?

The majority of industry research today is looking for an angle from which to sell an existing product or service. Traditional market research which tested ideas before, or in the early stages of product development is seen now as being of little value. The market is deemed to move too fast for consumers or business customers to understand what they want - the argument is that they need to be lead.

What this means is that the perceived wisdom of the visionaries and more importantly the venture capitalists is absolute in decisions on product development. Thereafter, millions of pounds and dollars are spent telling the customer that they need and must have whatever has been developed. Research will show that 'by 2002 every child over 3 will need a mobile phone in order to particiapate in society' ..... probably!

We believe that there is no substitute for real research which establishes facts now or tries to honestly predict the future no matter how unpleasent the answers might be. Indeed the more unpleasent the answer, the more important it is to know it now!

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